If you are like me, you always have difficulty getting out of bed. You may be half awake but you just don't want to drag yourself out, especially if it's cool or raining outside. It's even worse when its dark. All too many reasons to convince yourself to just stay in bed a while longer, after all.."you deserve it"? Following are some tips that could help you:

  1. Wake up at the same time everyday: Practice makes perfect, so when a person wakes up at the same time everyday, the body gets used to it and the lethargy you face to wake up at this time would go away soon.
  2. Take enough supplements: Taking vitamin and mineral supplements have shown to help with repair during sleep and you can wake up with a clear mind.
  3. Exposure to light: get light within the time you are supposed to wake up. Usually you may not have natural light at your preferred time, so artificial light is also helpful. You could also use one of those alarm lights.
  4. Breathe: If possible leave your windows open for good air circulation. Take deep breaths as you lie down contemplating waking up. This will help flood your brain with oxygen.
  5. Drink water: Once you wake up, make sure you hydrate yourself (preferably water) since you don't have any intake at night. This signals all systems and get them moving.
  6. Simple movements: You could do simple movements, even while on bed, to get the blood flowing and before you know it, you are energetic enough to start your day.