fyndFam Code of Conduct

Effective September 01, 2021

fyndFam enables trusted individuals, find each other. Our members create interest groups such as fam, famfiz (collectively referred to as “fams”) where others can read, share, ask and answer queries in self care and personal development. While fams could include business profiles, the focus of fyndFam is the person providing any service.

fams are for our members and is defined by our members. We understand that not all fams maybe for you, hence we would request you to stick to the fams you are interested in and none of the fams or its content should be used to hurt anyone. We believe in providing a safe, inclusive and encouraging space where members feel a sense of belonging and can empower each other. To enable this, all members must comply with our rules.

  • Be genuine. Don't impersonate another person, business entity or post content that you have no experience or a personal interest in. Do not engage or interfere with fams by posting irrelevant content.
  • Be respectful. Please understand that you are dealing with other people. Respect others’ opinions and do not attack any groups of people. Do not threaten or harass other members in any manner. Refrain from any hate speech, harassment and bullying.
  • Be clean. Do not post sexually explicit content or use vulgar language.

Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in the removal of content, suspension of member accounts, removal of privileges and or removal of fams.